Conscious Dominance is a hybrid of shadow and light work.


It is the state of having influence and cultivating awareness on that which lies dormant and under the surface.


A place to get in relationship with your unconscious, with your shadow.

Light. Dark.

Power. Creation.

Conscious Dominance cultivates approval and acceptance.


From this place of love and acceptance you emerge into the light.

You start to integrate your shadow into your awareness.


And the power you find with Conscious Dominance is always directed

toward creation, purpose, and vision.


As your coach, I help you surrender into your darkness.


I help you harness your power.

Then I guide you toward the light so that your gifts can be shared.

So that your light can ignite the flame in others.

Are you ready to begin loving your shadow more deeply?


Hi, I'm Stephanie.

I am the creator of Conscious Dominance.

I once believed that I was a static being. That I basically had one part of me and that was it. I was shy, quiet and introverted. Sometimes when I felt comfortable enough I was funny and a bit more open particularly with those closest to me. In my later teens I started drinking and it was in my early to mid 20s that I started to realize that I could be bolder and bigger when I was drinking. This sassy, daring, shameless woman would come out and I liked her. She got exactly what she wanted and did it no matter the cost.


Although that was a fun exploration where I accumulated many interesting stories it just wasn’t sustainable. I needed to figure out how to access her without drinking. Eventually I came across Madame Cleo’s work. I took her Women’s Dominance Intensive and learned about specific archetypes that I could embody. A persona that I could tap into. I realized then I could develop archetypes as a way to be in relationship with all the different parts of my self.


Since taking that intensive I realized that I had already been using this concept in many areas of my life. I was a nurse and caregiver. I was a lover and partner. I was a sweet sensitive girl and a fierce Domme. The list goes on. It suddenly clicked for me that I had so many different parts of myself, some that I had yet to explore. This changed the way I saw myself and in return how I showed up in my life. It gave me a sense of freedom and choice that I didn’t know I had access to.


What people are saying

My experience with conscious dominance was transformational – I got a chance to access and express parts of myself that I was not aware of or had previously kept hidden. The course guided me to embody my archetype as a powerful, independent woman, as well as helped me get clearer on my desires and visions. Stephanie is a wonderful coach who uses her feminine energy to create a safe and loving space, in order for her clients to grow and become who they are meant to be.


- Sofie L.I.K.-

What Influences My Approach

My training comes from a wide scope of modalities. My journey began with yoga. I became a certified yoga instructor when I was in my senior year of high school. I then went to college at Rutgers University and graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. Soon after I became an RN and started a full-time nursing career. For the past 5 years I have taken care of patients who have had respiratory issues on life saving breathing machines, to patients who have had heart attacks, to post open-heart surgery care, to Home Health care. Nursing has been a significant part of my life and how I've identified with myself. After many years of that identity I did a coaching program for 7 months that changed how I viewed myself and my life. This was 3 years ago and I am now embodying what it means to be coach, teacher and mentor.


Additional training and significant programs/teachings that shape the work that I do:


Women’s Dominance Intensive with Madame Cleo and Mistress Eve Minax: An intensive where we used archetypes to embody the essence of dominance. We learned the energetics behind what it means to be dominant while standing in your power and also having an open-heart. We also learned skills such as how to safely use bondage and impact play in BDSM scenes, along with other many useful and technical skills.


Embodying True Nature Retreat in Peru with my teacher Roman: In this retreat we learned about the shared heart and how having these teachings as a foundation leads you to become a more compassionate and kind being. We used plant medicine, breathwork, qi gong and other mindful practices to reinforce these teachings of unconditional love. There is a saying that I truly believe in that goes, “the darker the shadow, the brighter the light”. This saying is one of the foundational parts of what I am creating in my work with conscious dominance.

Dave Burns and his Sales Magic teachings: Where I learned about the Spirit of Money and how I can be in better relationship with Money. I now use these teachings to create honest and loving relationships with my clients where the exchange of attention for money become seamless and pleasurable for both parties. Through this transmission my clients are able to cultivate their own relationship to money and use these concepts in their own lives as they please.


I currently use the teachings of Caroline Myss and her work in Sacred Contracts. Where she teaches about archetypes and how important they are as tools to understanding ourselves better. They teach about how our lives, desires and relationships have been shaped to allow us to learn what we came on this earth to learn. They teach us how we can have a positive impact in our lives and in the lives of others.