As a mentor and guide, my mission is to inspire others to deeply trust their intuition and create lives that are divinely led. 


I believe that from a clear and grounded system, the possibilities are endless.


Our work is to surrender, open, listen, discern, and take guided action. 



Remembering that we are infinitely supported and guided is our first step to true freedom and play. 


Remembering that we are direct reflections of the divine—we open to our highest expressions. 


Remembering that we are simultaneously human beings having a human experience and magical beings with the capacity to embody limitless archetypes. 


As we complete the missions of previous incarnations we level up to our next level of being. 


We remember the untruth of the static being and unfold into clearer more potent versions of ourselves. 


At our higher levels, we are guided to create and play as embodiments of the divine— sacred vessels following our highest paths. 


Stephanie Almanzar | Creatrix, Mentor & Guide

Fully initiated into the human experience, my soul's contract has led me to a deep unfolding. Layers piled on as a child throughout my youth, layers removed and continuous unveiling in my adulthood. In childhood slowly becoming more afraid, confused, and lost—I was shy, quiet, introverted, and disconnected from my wants and needs. 


Through numerous initiations and learned experiences via trial and error, slowly I began to emerge. Awakened from the deep sleep of societal entrainment—I began to see that my life was moving toward a dream that was not mine. It was time to rearrange and step up. 


Unhooking, unlocking, deep remembrance, continuous unveiling, trial and error, mistakes, challenges, and many failures were my initiates. Slowly but surely, with a lot of patience, practice, mentors, and guides—I emerge clear, grounded, and infinitely supported. Living a life I am proud of, one I can call my own. 


No longer blindly tied to the limiting constructs of society. With open eyes, ready for next steps, willing to heal, open to transformation—I reach my higher levels of being. From vast blindness, I peeled back the layers of fog one step at a time. Cultivating awareness, trust, and sight. Seeding play, possibility, truth, and clarity for those that walk before and after me. My mission is to listen to divine guidance and take grounded action when necessary—inspiring others to do the same so that they may cultivate and tend to lives filled with love, joy, and fulfillment. 


What people are saying

My experience with Stephanie was transformational – I got a chance to access and express parts of myself that I was not aware of or had previously kept hidden. Her course guided me to embody my archetype as a powerful, independent woman, as well as helped me get clearer on my desires and visions. Stephanie is a wonderful coach who uses her feminine energy to create a safe and loving space, in order for her clients to grow and become who they are meant to be.


- Sofie L.I.K.-

Story of a ShapeShifter


The art and skill of shapeshifting turned on inside of me at a young age out of pure necessity, I needed this skill to survive the challenging circumstances I was experiencing at the time. At first, this looked like presenting as the good little girl to receive approval and love. 


The good little girl morphed into the shy, quiet, introvert who had to shut down her expression and her voice to endure a controlling environment that was not conducive to pure expression. 


In adolescence, the skillful balance between the good student, the down for whatever chick, and the quiet submissive emerged. Evolving into the skilled party girl and studious goal-oriented chick. 


There was genuine enjoyment in balancing these extremes for some time. This dramatic change of costume persisted even after I graduated college and became a full-time working nurse. Balancing work and play with utmost finesse, while simultaneously getting deeper into spiritual and energetic work as a yogi. Realizing that the lines were beginning to blur, yet another shift had to occur. As the party girl began to slowly dissolve. The nurse and spiritual babe grew stronger. 


As the burnout of being a full-time nurse in NYC began to settle in, a more significant shift occurred when I joined a wellness community. Here was the start of the unraveling, where I began moving through a deep exploration of who I was. 


My life as a New York City nurse by day/party girl by night ended. I moved to San Francisco to fully immerse in community and a new romantic relationship. Again, I was shapeshifting into numerous roles and costumes throughout that journey—from turned-on personal growth babe to commanding fem-domme to home health nurse - all in a day's work. Changing from costume to costume was the thing I was most skilled at. That lasted until something inside me knew it was time for something radically different. 


It was time to practice the art of who I Am as a being. Removing all costumes. Coming face to face with the naked truth. Realizing that the many costumes I was stretching between were coping mechanisms. Costumes used to people please and to hide. 


Finding the woman underneath all the layers is a lifelong journey, but as I continue to unravel and unfurl, what I witness is more beauty, deeper resonance, and unfathomable power. 


Now I listen for when and if it is time to shapeshift into a costume that is in deep resonance from a place of power and from a place of choice. 


I notice with compassionate awareness if I have fallen into old patterns being— I am human, after all. I forgive myself, learn the lesson, and take my next guided action. This is the process of growth and healing. This is the practice of being human. 

- Stephanie Almanzar -