Creatrix Honey Hive 

A Membership Program for Feminine Business

The Creatrix Honey Hive is a warm, sweet and potent space to step into your Sovereign Creatrix. 

It is a space that is curated to hold all of you. 

A space to create harmonious synergy between Life, Business, Relationships, Spirit & Money. 


This membership platform pours out the warm sweet potency of truth, nourishment, and sisterhood to those who are ready to receive these juicy gifts. 

As a member you will receive practices, rituals, magical teachings, nourishing structures, supportive sisterhood, and everything in between related to creating a magnetic, powerful and influential Feminine Business. 

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At Creatrix Honey Hive we teach creative and magical women how to set up their business in a way that flows with their unique natural creative cycles.


No longer having to "do" anything or follow specific formulas.


Instead we teach women how they can take inspired action and open to receive the gifts and resources that are readily available to them.

At Creatrix Honey Hive we know what it is like to want a successful business that works for us, instead of us working hard to have it in the first place. 


We know what it is like to constantly be searching for the right program to fit our needs as magical creative women and not finding something that embodies who we are and how we want to do business. 


We know the pain of really wanting to trust our intuition and feeling the pull of other entrepreneurial methods and formulas that seem like they may give us the results, but also leave us out of integrity with ourselves. 

This is why at Creatrix Honey Hive we are building community with other like minded magical and creative women to create the nourishing business structures that work for us and not against our natural ways of being. 

We are creating this community so that we have a space to connect around what it means to have magical feminine businesses that are playful, inspiring, and potent. 

Magical Feminine Businesses that require a complete mindset shift from what we are taught in society. This is why connection and sisterhood are so important. To create a lasting legacy that will magnetize other magical and creative women hungry for this medicine. Our work and community here will create a ripple effect that will impact those around us in positive and nourishing ways. 

We are creating business from the inside out and each one of our businesses although outwardly different have the same magical frequency of listening deeply to ourselves and our intuition.


Creating from a place of fullness. Receiving the clients who recognize our magic while receiving the Money we want and deserve.


At Creatrix Honey Hive we see business as a spiritual practice. A practice that deserves reverence, attention, and unique specialized care. A practice that works for us and with us. A practice that shifts and changes as we shift and change.

Creatrix Honey Hive

Coming to you Spring 2021

Join the new paradigm for feminine business...

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