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A Membership Program for Feminine Business

Welcome into the magical container of Creatrix Honey Hive: A membership platform for impactful and intuitive Feminine Business.

Feminine Business is radically different from the cultural norm we are taught today; ultimately, we seek to listen deeply to ourselves and our intuition, create from a place of fullness, and receive abundantly within our business relationships. 

At The Honey Hive we are focused on supporting magical creative women in their business endeavors in a fluid, intuitive, feminine way. We work and play in flow with the natural creative cycles. As a member we will support you to find that same flow. You will receive growing practices, rituals, magical teachings, and nourishing structures. This rhythm within the Honey Hive encourages the creation of a magnetic, powerfully manifesting, powerfully transmuting feminine business.

Step into a gentle, warm, and potent container which embodies your sovereign creatrix; a space to create harmonious synergy between the masculine format of the business world and the feminine energy you contribute.

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The Honey Hive is here to harbor your feminine wiles— from your most fierce to your most gentle— nourishing your spirit with warmth, sisterhood, truth, and potency.

Seeking the right container to support you in your magic can exhaust the soul; nothing out there seems to embody who we are as women and what we want out of our businesses. The pain of rigid business structures rubbing against your creative intuition is visceral and damning. Here at the Honey Hive, we let go of walking a path without integrity and walk together in sovereignty.

Let go of the outdated structure of to-do lists, 9-5 schedules, and endless meetings. Instead, learn with us how to take inspired action, how to open yourself to receiving the gifts and resources available to you from the universe. Allow your business to work for you instead of working for your business.

Here at Creatrix Honey Hive we are building a magical, creative community of women to facilitate the nourishing business structures that work with our natural ways of being. We connect to our inner knowing using the magical feminine business modes of play, inspiration, and potency.

Creatrix Honey Hive
Accepting New Applicants Spring 2022

Creatrix Honey Hive is a curated space to make: new connections, meet new friends, cultivate business partnerships, magnetize potential clients, and renew your relationship with Money. 

Find out if Creatrix Honey Hive is for You

Creatrix Honey Hive is for:

 ♥ New entrepreneurs who need guidance and Mentorship on creating a magical business structure. 


 Seasoned entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their businesses into magical, magnetic, money-making instruments that feel fun, exciting, and easeful.


 Magical feminine beings who want connection and community around feminine business. 

Creative feminine beings who have creations they want to bring out into the world and need support and guidance to do so, powerfully.  

Creative magical feminine beings who want a deep, supportive, and nourishing relationship with their creations and Money. 

At Creatrix Honey Hive we believe that Money is bountiful and accessible to all of us— we share the wealth and the resources we have to nourish those in our community. 

Join the new paradigm for feminine business.