Feminine Influence is a 3-day in-person immersion.

You will be guided by an expert coach through a curated experience to discover your own

unique embodiment of self-expression.

What is Feminine Influence?

Feminine influence is a remembrance of who you are. A remembrance of your power and your vulnerability. A remembrance that you can live the life that you truly want.


Feminine Influence is the work needed to uncover your true essence. It is a commitment to growth. It is a dedication to yourself. It is the wisdom of the body. The wisdom of the unconscious.


Feminine influence is the body of work that will lead you to a deep discovery of the self. The shadow self. The unconscious self. The self that holds your most uncomfortable desires. The self that is guiding you towards a higher purpose. The self that knows the answers. The self that holds the keys.


Feminine influence is an initiation into the depths of the body and soul. 

Feminine Influence is for:

Feminine Influence is for women who want to magnetize the life they want. Women who want to express their authentic selves. Women who want to discover their innate gifts. Women who want to feel confident in all areas of life.


Feminine influence is for the poetic mind. It is for the storyteller. The artist. The creative. It is for the woman who listens with her heart. 


Feminine influence is for the woman who is ready to deep dive into her soul. The woman who is ready to see her darkness. Ready to face her fears. Ready to be set free. 


Feminine influence is for the woman who is willing to cultivate a deep trust with the unknown. It is for the woman who is willing to trust and be held by other women. It is for the woman who is willing to take full responsibility for her life and her experience. 


It is for the woman willing to commit to her greatness.

Feminine Influence is not for:

Feminine influence is not for the faint of heart. Or the logically inclined. It is not for the light seeker. The pleasure or feel good addict. 


It is not for women who are unwilling to see their darkness. Unwilling to take full responsibility for their lives. Unwilling to commit to her own greatness. 


Feminine Influence is not for the Unwilling. 

Feminine Influence Outcomes:

  • Discover what feminine influence really is

  • Learn how to skillfully use dominance in your relationships to ignite turn-on and build electricity

  • Understand how to create balance between dominance and submission in your relationships in order to create fiery magnetic polarity

  • Unlock limitations around your authentic self-expression

  • Learn how to transform your own unique embodied self-expression into your most potent superpower

  • Practice how to show up powerfully and confidently in all areas of your life

  • Use desire to unlock your creative potential and create a life of fulfillment and pleasure

Join me on (TBD) for:

  • Ritual & Ceremony

  • Coaching Circles

  • Teachings on:

    • Feminine Influence

    • Embodiment

    • Desire

    • Creation

    • Fulfillment

    • Dominance & Submission

    • Masculine & Feminine Dynamics

    • Archetypes

  • Sisterhood

  • Solo/Partnered/Group exercises

  • Authentic Expression Ceremony

  • Vegan meals

  • Organic plant-based snacks throughout the weekend

  • Remembrance Token

Don't miss this opportunity to dive into an immersive exploration into your most powerful and authentic self. 


✨ In a space of alchemy, in a space where magic is real ✨

*Immersion capped at 8 women. 

*Playful pricing.

For more information or to sign up please contact me at: or simply schedule an Initial Conversation.

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