Magical Business Mentorship 

My Magical Business 1:1 Mentorship containers are reserved for creative magical beings who want a fresh and intuitive way of doing business.


One where we tap into our intuition and inner wisdom to provide us with the answers we seek. One where we release societal conditioning around entrepreneurship and open to a supportive and nourishing relationship with Money.  

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The Method


This is a space where we create your business exactly how you want it— in a way that works best for you. Never following specific formulas or strategies, instead, we look within for the answers and guidance you are looking for while bringing in nourishing structures that suit your unique needs and desires.

In this space, you are invited to develop an intimate and supportive connection to your creation and with Money.  A relationship that when tended to with love and care, will allow you to share your most beautiful gifts and receive generous amounts of Money, with confidence and ease. 

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Who is this for?


This is for magical creative beings who have a creation that they want to share with the world and may not know where to start. 


Creating a magical business that is deeply fulfilling and brings in generous amounts of Money is an art of trusting your intuition, listening for the next steps, and taking inspired action.  


This container is not formulaic nor is it for anyone who wants efficient speedy results— although divine timing is unique for everyone.


This container is about listening to your creation for guidance, getting into a deep relationship with Money, and following your creative cycles. 

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The Container


Although each container is unique and intuitively structured to suit the needs of the person entering into this magical realm,  here is a summary of what we could cover during our time together:

  • Holistic view on Magical Business - all aspects of life impact business and either give or take away energy from the business

  • Focus on going with the flow of your own creative natural cycles

  • Unconscious/Shadow Work/Belief Work

  • Creation as Spirit

  • Energetic Management

  • Money Medicine teachings & practices

  • Being to Receive Consciousness work 

  • Guided meditations & visualizations 

  • Client & sales sorcery 

  • Guidance with contract and website creation if needed

Containers include ritual sessions, personalized guided visualizations, and sprinkles of magical gifts.


In these sacred containers, Money is a vessel for transformation and growth. All containers are intuitively priced.

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What others are saying...


Stephanie has a truly intuitive way of looking at business which was DEEPLY refreshing after 6 months of wading through patriarchal-driven sales-focused clickbait MUCK. 


As many of you know, I moved my intuitive coaching practice online for the very first time at the beginning of Covid era. Since then, it's been a whirlwind of educational overwhelm— facebook ads, learning about niches and funnels and also overcoming some of my very real blocks around asking people for money despite seeing incredible results in my clients lives over and over and over again.


Stephanie really cut right to the chase of trusting my intuition as far as business goes. Despite having focused on clarity for 6 straight months, I feel like I got more clarity in one meditation session with Stephanie than I have through any other way of seeking.


Her process even opened up a connection to a new spirit guide (Agamemnon the owl) and I feel something powerful bubbling up inside of me ready to be released.


Thank you Stephanie for creating this powerful container, and for giving me permission to STOP when the spirit isn't calling me. <3

- Sary M. -

Thank you, Stephanie for the wonderful Magical Business Mentorship session! ✨💗 I was able to clarify questions I had about the kind of energy and environment that I am trying to create in my new business. Through her guided meditation, she helped me tap into myself and receive the answers that I needed. I am feeling more grounded assurance in myself and what I am creating for my clients.


- Alicia Y. -


Ecstatic shout out to Stephanie Almanzar for the Magical Business Mentorship Session. I want to share the Delicious energy I was able to Be with and experience as Steph held space for me to express authentically. She assisted me through a Creation Visualization where I was able to open up communication with my creation to receive insights. This was Profound to say the least. Feeling So very Blessed and Supported to continue taking each step as it is presented. Mahalo Ke Akua


- Jenny M. -

A big thank you to Stephanie, for the angelic business coaching :) Stephanie, you have exceptional and assuring, gentle presence. Your guided mediation to meet my Creation was just magical to help me relax and HEAR the Power of Presence while standing in my Inner Sovereignty, with so much ease and grace. 


- Grace Z. -

If a magical intuitive business sounds like something you want to create in your life, apply by answering the questions provided with the link below.  

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