Are You Ready to Commit to Your Highest Vision?

You have arrived at the right place.


Manifestation Magic is the frequency that invites Creation and Money to play in resonance.

It is the frequency that invites your inner shadows to integrate with your divine light.

It is the frequency that invites your feminine and masculine to honor each other so that together they create beauty.

In Manifestation Magic you will be asked to
strip away old programming around Money, Success, Power, and Influence.

To then stand in the pure joy that is You and Your Creation.

From this place of Being and pure magic, You will draw in everything you’ve ever wanted.

You will
no longer feel the need to follow specific formulas to find success.

You will
no longer need to go against your natural creation cycles to attract clients, money, or love.

You will
no longer have to struggle to work hard to make Money.

You will
no longer have to carry the belief that your desire is too big, too small, too normal, or even non-existent.

Instead you will feel the
steadiness of being in your power.

You will learn to surrender, listen, then take action.

You will remember that you can follow your own intuition to know the next right action.

You will realize that
Money wants to support and help you actualize your deepest desires.

If your body resonates with these words, Manifestation Magic could be for you.

If your body relaxes with the thought that
you do not have to "Do" anything to Receive exactly what you want, then

I invite you to join me as I guide an intimate group through the portal of Manifestation Magic.

What is Manifestation Magic?

Manifestation Magic is an opportunity to be held through the process of making your dreams come true. 

Through eight online sessions every two weeks, along with an intimate group of fellow Manifestor's, I will:

⚡️Guide you through the principles and teachings of  Manifestation Magic.

⚡️Provide you with daily rituals and practices that will support you in manifesting your desires. 

⚡️Help you become friends with your shadow so that it will serve your highest vision.

⚡️Help you to cultivate an awareness that you are not alone, that you are supported, and loved. 

⚡️Give you 1:1 attention to get clear on your highest vision and discover your next steps to get there.

⚡️Guide you through an initiation to activate new programming that will allow Money to support your biggest desires.

⚡️Give you lifetime access to all the work we do together!


🙋‍♀️ You will cultivate a deep sense of inner knowing. No longer having to search outside of yourself for answer or formulas to move towards the life you want. 


🙋‍♂️ You will have a renewed and playful relationship with Money and know what it means to be fully supported by Money.


🙋‍♀️ You will magnetize what you want by fully Being You, without having to work hard to succeed. 


🙋‍♂️ You will be practiced in your unique cycles of creations without having to use force to get a result. 


🙋‍♀️ You will know what it feels like to have all of your energy available to you so that you can create the life you’ve been waiting for. 


🙋‍♂️ You will know practices to become friends with your shadow so that it supports you in creating the reality you want, instead of sabotaging you from having it. 


🙋‍♀️ You will have nourishing rituals, practices and structures that keep you grounded in your body and focused on your vision. 

The Logistics:

👩‍💻 Where: Online Group Zoom Calls


When: Every other Week on Sunday starting on September 13, 2020 from 12pm-2pm PST until December 20, 2020.


👫 How many spots available: 4


💰 Cost: Playful Investing


🧙‍♀️ Every week we meet I will teach on 1-2 topics, offer time for discussion/questions, and give practices & rituals to be done in the following 2 weeks.


🧙‍♀ 1:1 sessions will be scheduled by each person within the time frame provided at the beginning of the course.

What's Included:

💎 8 Online Group Calls every other week for 2 hrs each with live recording to re-listen at your leisure.


💎 A 1:1 online session with yours truly to receive attention on your individual manifestation magic needs.


💎 A private FB group where you will have community to support and encourage you.


💎 Access to private messaging with me for any questions you may have throughout the course.


💎 Nourishing Rituals, practices and structures to live your best life!

✨ Looking forward to creating Manifestation Magic with you✨

Are you ready to:

Live for your pleasure, your purpose, your path?


Say "No" to what no longer serves you? 


Live in alignment with your highest self?

Show up powerfully when faced with a challenge?

Show up for yourself at every step of the way?

Join me on September 5, 2020 for a Free introductory Masterclass!

Manifestation Magic: Magnetizing Money for your Highest Creation

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