The Minam Land Project

The Minam Land Project is a part of my larger vision to create conscious community with a foundational focus on honoring and respecting the Earth. 

Together with my partner and a group of close colleagues we intend to purchase this land as a for-profit collective and build an intentional community there.  Our vision is to eventually grow into a small town.  The community will be founded on clear principles regarding respect for the land, commitment to connection, community growth, harmony and personal and financial responsibility.

Our intention is to create a vibrant creative living community in the mountains of Oregon. The Minam River Ranch is 16,660 acres of untouched mountains woodlands, plateaus, valleys, rivers and streams. 

The Minam Land Project is being birthed in response to a vivid call many of us have been hearing. 

A clear picture has emerged out of a conscious community experiment that was born in 2017 in San Francisco. We call it “The Power House”.  Here we are documenting the values, principles, and processes that have helped us build a foundation of trust, harmony, and creation in a close-proximity living situation. The Power House currently serves as a scaffolding for the intentional community enterprise that is wanting to be created on The Minam Land. 

Our team comes together from a variety of backgrounds and specialties, uniting forces and educations with a common goal: to create and maintain a thriving community space, focused on regenerative land engagement, sustainable social relationships, and the development of adaptable systems for a thriving continuation of life on this planet. 

The Minam Land is a place of possibility and also a place to get reconnected with the earth. We believe that this reconnection with nature is a necessary part of creating a solid foundation of respect and reverence for our earth, and from this place, we know that our love moves us to improve humanity as a whole. 

We see this as a necessary next step for humanity: Intimate, wisely planned, interconnected human 'villages’.