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A Contemplation of Desire.


Desire is a spiritual practice. A communion with the divine. A path towards fulfillment and purpose.

Desire comes through, not from. It is not solely mine. It has an impact on others.

Desire comes through when I am grounded in my spiritual practices. When I am in alignment with my being.

Desire comes through when I am in a state of acceptance. When I am a clear channel. When I have done the work to look at my shadow, my addictions, my past.

Desire comes through when I have done the work to move through resistance, blocks and limitations. When I have made peace with my resentments, my judgments, my fear.

Desire does not come from me. It is not just mine. It has an impact on those around me.

I must remember that Desire is not selfish, or cruel or dismissive.

With desire comes power. With power comes responsibility.

Responsibility to take notice of all those who will be impacted with this Desire. Responsibility to get clear on what lies beneath this Desire.

Desire is not impulsive, harsh, or vindictive.

Desire is patient, potent, and merciful. Desire does not cause harm to yourself, to others or the earth.

Desire is generous with love. It is a gift to be revered. A wisdom to be cherished.

Desire is a force that demands change. It is not stagnant or static. It is the flow of nature. The flow of creativity. The flow of inspiration.

Desire knows no containment. She is hard to put into words.

What she knows is deep unwavering truth. She is Unconditional love. She is Divine wisdom.

She is a teacher, a mentor, a path, a way of life.

She knows no attachment and simultaneously, is steady on her path.

Desire is boundless and yet precise.

She is the teacher of our time.


Desire has been exploited, consumed and abused. She has been used to mask self-indulgence, addiction and excess.

Many times we say it is our “desire” when we mean it is our “addiction." We refuse to take responsibility for the actions that harm others. The actions that harm ourselves.

We say it is “desire” when it is pure selfishness. Because within these “desires” we do not think of others. We do not want to feel our impact. We do not want to see our shadow.

We then wonder why we cannot have healthy relationships with people, with food, with the earth. We consume without thought. We deprive ourselves from real nourishment. We eat and are never full. We starve because we feel ashamed. We satiate to relieve the pain.

The pain of emptiness. Of un-fulfillment. Of starvation. The starvation for a nutrient that we cannot find in overindulgence, in excessive consumption, in addiction masked as “desire."

This nutrient we are seeking cannot be found out there. It cannot be found in chocolate, clothes or sex. It cannot be found in alcohol, partying or drugs. It cannot be found in another.

This nutrient we seek comes from within. It is our responsibility to begin to uncover this nutrient. To uncover this well of fullness and enough.

Desire is a teacher of self-worth, respect and awakening. A teacher of truth, of wisdom, of fulfillment. Begin to challenge your relationship with Desire and find that your greatest gifts lie there.


Writing from my program, Feminine Influence.

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