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Gratitudes & Lessons.

This last month of the year has had all the highs and lows for me.

Filled with love, excitement and breakthroughs.

Sadness, sickness, and breakdowns.

Some lessons & insights:

⚡️Sometimes the past sneaks up on me to test me in mysterious ways.

⚡️Not all friendships are meant to last, no matter how long a person has been in my life.

⚡️Sometimes growth means letting go.

⚡️When I set boundaries, I may trigger others. Stay open and stick around to communicate, while remembering to respect myself.

⚡️Not speaking my truth and desires comes back to bite me in the ass. Take responsibility and accept the consequences.

⚡️Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable but necessary.

⚡️Act from desire not from perceived expectations in business and in life.

⚡️All parts of my life impact my business.

⚡️Structure my business in sync with the natural cycles of life.

⚡️Money magic is deep work. Expect nothing, stay open to everything. Continue to deepen my relationship to Money. It is a lifelong practice.

⚡️When I avoid the down, it comes for me. Surrender and enjoy.

⚡️With deep surrender, comes fresh clear energy.

⚡️When I feel like a fraud, remember that I’m just like everyone else.

⚡️Remember that the work I do and teach is valuable and those that need and want it will come. Be patient. Keep doing the work.

⚡️Remember to only do things that excite me when it comes to my business.

⚡️I enjoy a Big game.

⚡️My deeper vision will take all of me. Each step of the way will be illuminated with time and growth. I am given only what I am ready for. My business and my life are all part of the bigger picture.

⚡️Relationships take work and it’s all worth it.

⚡️Sometimes relationship brings out my shadow i.e my angry provoking witch. Remember I’m human. Remember to continue to do the work. Forgive myself. Apologize. Work on breaking the pattern. Find out what’s underneath.

⚡️Eventually I see more clearly. Don’t let the fog get the best of me. And if it does. Surrender.

⚡️Homemade Colombian food is the bomb.

⚡️I make killer vegan lasagna.

⚡️Sober is sexy.

⚡️My partner and I have really hot sex. Even when I’m sick in a onesie.

⚡️Practices keep me sane.

⚡️I feel in my element creating ritual spaces.

⚡️I love creating ceremonial spaces for my clients.

⚡️My clients remind me that I love what I do.

⚡️My witchy medicine woman is coming out more. I like her a lot.

⚡️I am learning to receive the support from men closest to me more graciously.

⚡️I am grateful for the men in my life who teach me the beauty and alchemy of generosity.

⚡️I am deeply reminded that I am supported, always.

⚡️Asking for support is transformative.

⚡️Sales and resonance go hand in hand.

⚡️I really enjoy interviewing people.

⚡️My shadow deeply enjoys giving others a taste of their own poison ☠️

⚡️My family is awesome. They heard my desire for a Colombian Christmas and made it happen. I’m grateful for them.

⚡️Being sick reminded me of the power of surrender.

⚡️I love onesies!

Feeling grateful for the lessons, the highs, the lows, and all the people that have been on the journey with me 💜


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