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My Frequency.

My Frequency.

My frequency is of the depths of the soul.

It is for those who wish to dive into the dark expanse of the ocean.

To discover the gifts that have long hidden beneath the ocean floor.

My frequency is of the ripe forbidden fruit of truth.

It is for those who are no longer satisfied with the illusion of comfort.

With the illusion of the formula.

With the illusion that life is linear.

With the illusion that if we follow the rules. Find stability. Find the perfect match. The perfect house. The perfect car. That we will find happiness.

Those who will not bite the juicy peach of truth will be repelled by my words. Repelled by the darkness. Repelled by my light. Repelled by the unknown.

Those willing to awaken from the deep and restless slumber will walk into my garden. They will see the bright orangey yellow peach, mesmerized by its beauty. Mesmerized by the wisdom it holds.

They will pick it with care, with permission, with reverence.

They know that once they bring their lips to its soft fuzzy exterior and take a slow juicy bite, they cannot go back.

For they know that no matter how sweet or bitter the truth may be, it will lead them back home. It will release them from the shackles that have been weighing down their feet.

My frequency is of the bottomless well of my bloody heart.

Yearning to see the many gifts buried deep beneath the ocean floor.

Yearning to open the treasure chest that is your soul.

My frequency is of the offering of my soul.

The willingness to sacrifice my name, my being, my body so that you may eat the nourishment of truth.

For the tree that bears the fruit in my garden has been nourished with my blood, my guts, my compost.

So that your journey into the depths may be held with love.

Your path illuminated.

So that when you see your demons they feel more like old friends.

When you see your past, it reminds you of where you came from.

When you see the moments of pain, you can see that they lead to the person you are becoming.

You start to remember that in every tear lies the ocean.

That with death comes rebirth.

That with love comes healing.

That with acceptance comes freedom.

My frequency is of the medicine of the Shadow Alchemist.

The Sorceress of Darkness.

She carries the medicine of truth.

The medicine of acceptance.

The medicine of beauty and suffering.

The medicine of life and death.

Enter my frequency and see the warm smokey colors illuminate the path to your soul.


I am creating a program called Feminine Influence.

For women who want to magnetize the life they want.

For women who want to express their authentic selves.

For women who want to discover their innate gifts.

For women who want to feel confident in all areas of life.


Writing from my program, Feminine Influence.

📸 Aaron Fagerstrom

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