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The Good Catch.

She has all the qualities of a good catch.

She’s coy, flirty and just a bit shy.

She knows exactly what to wear to accentuate her curves. She receives just the perfect amount of attention.

She has a well paying job. She is quite successful.

She’s adventurous, well traveled.

She books a couple yearly retreats in advance.

She is a good conversationalist. Has a wide set of interests.

She is an easy going, go with the flow kind of gal.

She exercises every other day at 6pm. She does yoga on Saturdays at 12pm. She dabbles with meditation.

Her life is good, other women feel a bit envious of her. "She is just so put together."

And yet she feels a deep emptiness inside of her.

She cries alone while listening to a song that resonates with her deep sadness and longing.

Her body is accustomed to a deep yearning sensation. She fills it with moments. With a good juicy affair, her favorite chocolate, or some deep conversations.

The trajectory of her life is predictable. She knows this. In some ways she strives for this.

Eventually she will find a good man, with a good job, he’ll provide for her and offer her stability. They may even have a good sex life, a couple times a week, right before bed after a glass of wine.


She has forgotten who she is.

But her body remembers.

She is reminded with quiet whispers at first. As the sun warms her skin. As her silky dress caresses her thighs. She lets out a tiny moan. For a moment she feels open, relaxed, and receptive. She catches herself and continues on with her day.

Later, while frequenting her favorite restaurant with a date, she orders the double cheese burger as if by impulse. Medium rare. With garlic fries. She usually orders the miso salmon with a salad. Dressing on the side, of course.

She seems surprised at herself.

She eats each bite of the burger with delightful pleasure. "Mmm" she moans as she licks her lips and savors the bite in her mouth. Her date watches her in awe, feeling confused and slightly turned on.

She barely notices he’s there. “How is this so good right now?” She wonders as she goes for another bite.


Something is touched.

Something deep in her soul.

Something new and yet, familiar.

She is beginning to remember. This is her deep and rich feminine.

There is no turning back.

Her feminine influence is awakening.


Writings from my new program, Feminine Influence.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Silvério

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