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The Party Girl.

The Party Girl.

She has all the qualities of the ultimate party girl.

She’s sexy and playful.

She is the ignition.

When she walks into a room, she turns up the heat.

She scans the room for a man who will submit to her charm.

She looks around and thinks to herself, “Who will be paying for my drinks tonight?”

She picks her target and struts over, confident. She is ready to stir things up.

She is undoubtedly charming and sexy. With just the perfect amount of naughty.

Shortly after she walks over to him, he signals for the bartender. “Let me buy you a drink” he says. He knows the drill.

She gives him a sweet smile. She puts her hand on his shoulder. “Thank you, I’ll take a tequila soda. What’s your name?”

Her girlfriend meets up with her.

“This is Scott”, she says.

They say hello. He buys her friend a drink.

They dance, they drink, they make out.

She’s deciding whether to take him home or not.


She has forgotten who she is.

But her body remembers.

Suddenly, a rush of nausea. She excuses herself to the bathroom.

She looks at herself in the mirror. She looks longingly into her own eyes. “What the fuck are you doing?” She says to herself in the mirror.

A deep wave of sadness and anger rushes through her body.

How many more nights will she do this?

She walks out of the bathroom.

Her friend and Scott are making out by the bar.

Her favorite song starts playing.

The people around her become blurry. Her body impulsively moves her towards the dance floor.

She dances and cries. She allows the music to move her. She allows the tears to cleanse the makeup off her face.

Nothing else matters.

It’s just her body, the music, and an undeniable sadness and joy in her heart.

She knows she is meant for more.


Something is touched.

Something deep in her soul.

Something new and yet, familiar.

She is beginning to remember. This is her deep and rich feminine.

There is no turning back.

Her Feminine Influence is awakening.


Writings from my new program, Feminine Influence.

*Photo of me in my party girl days

#feminineinfluence #awakening

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