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The Shy Girl.

The Shy Girl.

She is sweet, quiet and accommodating.

She has a cute smile and an unassuming demeanor.

Her voice is small, almost childlike.

She walks with her her head down and a slight hunch.

She hides in plain sight.

At least weekly she hears, “Oh, excuse me, I didn’t notice you there”

Many mistake her for being lost. People seem to want to help her find her way, “You seem lost, do you need help?”

“Um no”, she says with her cute little smile.

She deeply wants to be seen. Although she is a simultaneously terrified at the thought.

She wants nothing more than to feel as though she belongs.

When she feels her desires bubbling up in her core her face gets hot. Her body stiffens. A deep anxiety emerges.

The words get stuck in her throat.

She has gotten deeply used to swallowing down her thoughts, her needs, her desires.


She has forgotten who she is.

But her body remembers.

On Sunday’s she frequents her local farmers’ market. She enjoys walking in the sun and trying fruit samples.

On one particular Sunday she walks to her usual fruit stand.

She notices a new boy giving samples.

She can feel the bubbling desire to go talk to him.

Her body moves her toward him as if by impulse.

She can feel the warm sun on her back. Her body relaxes.

“Hi”, she says with a big smile on her face.

He smiles back a bit bashful himself and asks, “Would you like a nectarine sample?”


He hands her the fruit.

She can feel her whole body come alive as their hands graze each other’s.

She takes a bite, “Mmm, delicious”.

He looks at her with wide and steady eyes.

His heart races. “Would you like to have tea sometime?”


Something is touched.

Something deep in her soul.

Something new and yet, familiar.

She is beginning to remember. This is her deep and rich feminine.

There is no turning back.

Her Feminine Influence is awakening.


Writings from my new program, Feminine Influence.

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