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The Unveiling of Me.

I’ve been anticipating this moment for a long time now.

Revealing my journey.

The journey of homing in on what I do as a coach.

The process of putting it into writing.

Of taking photos that represent me in this role.

The new form of connection I have been cultivating with my good friend Emily as my business and branding coach.

The different iterations of how I would present myself and my offers.

~~~~~~~~ The fact is that today has not gone as planned. I will not be sharing my journey of becoming a coach.

~~~~~~~~ I feel frustrated, angry and sad.

Frustration that my morning looked a lot different than what it usually looks like.

Frustration that I didn’t have everything ready with my website.

Frustration that I have to rely on others to do certain things that I do not know how to do.

~~~~~~~~ Anger that those things are not done.

Anger that out of all days the person I need most is sick when he NEVER gets sick. What are the odds?!

Anger that for some reason I deemed this day important and that it isn’t going the way I’d like it go.

~~~~~~~~ Sadness that I feel alone.

That at this moment I cannot receive the love and support that is usually available to me.

Sadness that I feel so messed up on such an important day.

~~~~~~~~ Scared that I have done it all wrong or that I have pushed something that was not meant to be.

~~~~~~~~ Today was supposed to be a happy and joyful day.

Filled with nervous excitement.

Paired with an empowering message of my journey to success.

A motivational piece of writing to raise spirits and remind you that you too can succeed in all the ways that you’d like.

~~~~~~~~ And yet today is not that day.

~~~~~~~~ Today is a look into my insides.

The insides that are deathly afraid of exposure.

The insides that create a reality where it’s easy to hide.

Easy to make excuses so as not to be seen.

~~~~~~~~ Today you get to see me.

In all my beautiful and sad mess.

~~~~~~~~ The tender little girl who is so shy and so afraid, yet is begging to be noticed.

To be seen.

To be loved.

The little girl who hides her gifts in the shadows.

~~~~~~~~ The witch who has cultivated the kind of magic that pulls the right people at the right time into her field. Without much effort.

~~~~~~~~ The mesmerizing shape-shifting gypsy queen.

She lures you in when you think she is the woman you want.

She shifts into the woman you have avoided for as long as you can remember.

She appears as the woman you had been looking for all along.

~~~~~~~~ The magical desire-filled woman who is fiercely devoted to her vision.

She will do all the magic and all the internal work to become the woman she is on this earth to become.

~~~~~~~~ The fierce woman who tells you her honest truth.

The woman reminding you of who you are.

The woman who fights for the life you want.

The one who kindly reminds you that to get to that woman or man you are becoming, you must do the work.

The woman beside you in the darkness to help you find your light.

~~~~~~~~ There are so many other parts of me that I have yet to uncover.

As my vision becomes clearer, more of me will emerge.

It is a blessing that my vision is so big and so vast that it will take all of me to make it happen.

I cannot do it alone.

It will take a whole village to make it happen.

~~~~~~~~ I want to thank you for seeing me through this portal. It is an honor to be witnessed here.

With Love & Magic,

Stephanie ♥

#unveiling #theshadow

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