Ritual & Ceremony

I offer more immersive containers for clients who want curated experiences created specifically and uniquely for them.


During these ceremonies, you are invited to explore aspects of the self that have not been given the freedom to come out and be fully expressed.


Through the creation of safely held ritual spaces, you are given the space to release old parts of you that are no longer serving you and are invited to embody hidden aspects of yourself that have been patiently explored through our previous sessions.

On completing these ceremonies you are guided through a restorative descent into your body where you will find fresh renewed energy flowing through you to be used for creation and purpose. 


My intention for these unique offerings is to allow my client's space to deeply embody previously hidden parts of themselves. I believe that when we hide one part of ourselves without a safe space to explore it, we simultaneously hide other aspects. 


Through these rituals and ceremonies, my clients can explore the full spectrum of who they are and can transform into men and women who are fully expressed. Equipped to share their own unique gifts to the world. Each ritual and ceremony is self-designed and aided by the Sephira (known as the Tree of Life). 


"As part of unlocking my full masculinity, Stephanie designed a safe but challenging ritual to help me regain access to my repressed emotions, specifically anger. The ritual involved many tasks to help me examine, accept, and appreciate my old self in order for a newer version to be born. At the end of the ritual, I had learned that, anger was not a storm that leaves ruins and wreckages behind; anger is my friend, when I need extra help to find my voice or to tap into my physical potentials. It was one of the most memorable experiences in my life."

-Chi J.L.-

This offering is for those who feel the call to dive deeply into their shadow and embrace the gifts that are found there. 


If you are a man willing to discover what lies underneath the layers of niceness, indecision, and self-sacrifice, this may be for you. My partner, Matt and I invite you to discover the wildman that lives within you. 


If you are a woman willing to discover what lies underneath the shyness, acquiescence, and soft-spokenness, this may be for you. We will seduce your wild woman to come out and play, to show you who you are under all the layers. 


By allowing the release of old aspects of yourself through the creation of safely held ritual spaces, you are invited to allow fresh new energy to flow through you. 


These experiences are for those who are willing to surrender to the unknown and to find the parts of you that have been there all along.