Through our work together, men will experience a deep acceptance of all parts of themselves. They will leave more grounded in their truth and find a sense of lightness in their being as their shadow becomes more integrated into their being. There will be a balance of deep exploration, play, and integration. This work is not only the exploration and acceptance of desires, but also a deep look into the psyche. An excavation of the parts that feel difficult to accept. An awareness of the role they play in all parts of their lives. Are you ready to dive into the shadows? Scroll down for more information.






With coaching and negotiated BDSM play, I offer clear boundaries where you can explore your edges. 


Consent, vulnerability and heart-centered presence are core components for the men I work with to go to a place of deep surrender into the shadow of desire. If you work with me, you will be called to look at all parts of yourself. The parts that feel hidden. The parts that are seemingly unacceptable. They are able to explore in a safe environment those parts of your sexuality that have been repressed.


Over the three months we work together, a new awareness is illuminated on the aspects of your self that are infused with shame, fear guilty, resentment. The journey we embark on together allows expression of these hidden parts.


You will be able to relax in a space of loving approval where all aspects of you are welcome. Where your mask can come off. And you will learn that true masculinity is seen as an act of courageous vulnerability. You can release what is means to be a man in today’s society and come into a space where you is held by a powerful steady, grounded and loving feminine presence. You no longer need to pretend. And you no longer need to hide your desires to fully surrender to the powerful and dynamic feminine.


Together, we will explore in depth all your desires which may include servitude, humiliation, degradation, pain, bondage, the innocence of being a boy or a pet, the need to feel comforted, the desire to relax and be soothed by a mother who loves him.